Maui Food Truck Tours 


Maui Food Truck Tours
A True Hawaii Culinary Experience
(6 hour tour)

Join Maui Food Truck Tours and Top Chef Josh Marten winner of over 50 Culinary awards as well as Chopped Maui and grand champion of KCBS bbq events as well as ranking number 1 in PWNBA bbq and owner of 2 of the top rated food trucks as he takes you to where the locals eat! He was healthy living chef of the month and was the inventor of many gluten free options. You may also recognize him from his appearance on tv as he has done many appearances as well as being one of the most sought after food and wine pairing chefs on the west coast. (Ask him about doing a personal wine and pairing experience while you’re here) Join this culinary and comedic savant on a tasty adventure to the places you should know about. Drive-ins and food trucks where only the locals know to go. Hawaii’s diverse culinary flavors come from a mixed plate of ethnicities: Hawaiian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Filipino and Portuguese just to name a few. Josh will introduce you to a unique and homegrown food and culture experience during this tour. He’ll take you to the places that only locals know about. You will finish the tour at a small microbrew pub to taste some delicious beers. Fish tacos, savory spam musubis, Lili,koi Tarts, Poke that’s out of this world and some Thai Hawaiian Asian that is simply to die for. Are you hungry yet? We go eat! Josh Marten also being a resident for many years and a director of sales and marketing for the large resorts on Maui has eaten everywhere. With this knowledge he will give everyone a guide to the restaurants on the island that is something you won’t get from the concierges. This is an actual true restaurant guide from a true culinary chef who will guide you through the pitfalls of tourist traps and what not to waste money on. We recommend taking this trip at the start of your trip because the wealth of knowledge he has can save you a lot of money and wasted time and he can answer most the questions you really want to know.

In this tour we will get off the beaten path and you will see a few areas where you would never normally go. This is food that is consistently the best on the island. (Optional at end will be a trip to a local coffee stand for an amazing local coffee to go) (Additional cost not included).

Top Chef Josh


Maui Hawaii

149.00 plus tax (gratuity optional)